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Turbine Services is a global provider to owners and operators of industrial gas turbines, offering an employee skill-base in excess of 2,000 man-years of experience in gas turbine maintenance solutions. With our heritage in John Brown Engineering, our primary specialization is in the heavy duty frame range of General Electric designed gas turbines.

Products & Services

Gas Turbine Spares & Replacement Parts

Gas Turbine Spares & Replacement Parts Turbine Services maintains a substantial computerised inventory of spare parts for the General Electric design of heavy duty gas turbine equipment, and also other OEM turbine manufacturers. Our parts inventory is continually monitored to ensure that the customer requirements are satisfied ex-stock for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. [+]

Component Repair Services

Component Repair Services Turbine Services offers the most comprehensive independent gas turbine repair service in the world. Supported by state-of-the-art-technologies and capabilities of our parent company, Chromalloy, Turbine Services has extensive experience in repairing and refurbishing all component parts associated with gas turbines and related power equipment. [+]

Gas Turbine Rotor Overhaul Services

Gas Turbine Rotor Overhaul Services Turbine Services offers complete gas turbine compressor rotor and power section overhauls for heavy duty gas turbines. Staffed and resourced by customer-focused engineers with over 2,000 man years of gas turbine experience, customers can benefit from a comprehensive quality service. All rotors are returned to a fully refurbished condition with minimal turnaround time. [+]

Field Support & Engineering Services

Field Support & Engineering Services Turbine Services employ a wide range of gas turbine mechanical, instrumentation and controls, commissioning field engineers, technical advisors and project managers. We provide our customers with expert personnel to undertake and deliver both on-site and remote engineering services, meeting their needs for planned and unplanned plant maintenance. [+]

Gas Turbine Refurbishment

Gas Turbine Refurbishment Turbine Services, in association with our sister company Power Development International, purchases used units and offers fully refurbished and customised gas turbines. The turbines types are MS3001, MS5001, MS5002, MS6001, MS7001 and MS9001. [+]

Combustion Inspection Elimination Kit

Combustion Inspection Elimination Kit Turbine Services offers a high-tech process to eliminate the requirement for combustion inspection outages. Gas turbines can then be operated up to, and inspected at, 24Khrs for hot gas path and 48Khrs for major inspection intervals, thereby reducing gas turbine downtime and increasing availability. [+]

Advanced Gas Turbine Control Systems

Advanced Gas Turbine Control SystemsTurbine Services Advanced Gas Turbine Control Systems were designed specifically for the retrofit of heavy duty gas turbine controls; in particular, the Speedtronic and LA families of turbine controllers. [+]

Training Courses

Training Courses Turbine Services offers, in association with our sister company Osborne Training Services, training courses which are delivered by engineers with extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of gas turbines and associated equipment. [+]

Long Term Service Agreements

Long Term Service Agreements Turbine Services conceptual approach to Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) is one of a partnership arrangement with our customers. Our Contract Executives are the customers single point of contact and they are all technically qualified to provide an immediate response to your gas turbine operational issues and have many years of experience in running such contracts. [+]

Condition Monitoring for Gas & Steam Turbines

Condition Monitoring for Gas & Steam Turbines TIGER® continuously evaluates the state of gas and steam turbines by automating the knowledge of the best turbine engineers. By diagnosing the state of the turbine every second, a complete picture is built-up of the condition of the turbine. This is available in a simple to read diagnostic summary with a full suite of tools to allow further investigation, locally or remotely. [+]

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