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Advanced Gas Turbine Control Systems

Advanced gas turbine control systems were designed specifically for the retrofit of heavy duty gas turbine controls; in particular, the Speedtronic and LA families of turbine controllers.

It is a competitive alternative solution for the replacement of older control technology. The turbine control philosophy of the original system is maintained and it is easily adapted to site-specific requirements.

System Features

  • PLC system architecture
  • Hot backup PLC redundancy
  • Fuel governor
  • Auto synchronisation & power monitor
  • Gas turbine protection
  • Automatic start-up, auxiliaries sequencing
  • Combustion monitor

User Benefits

  • Minimise GT downtime
  • Increase availability and reliability
  • Readily available spares-worldwide support
  • SCADA interface, all parameters visible to operator
  • Ease of maintenance/set up
  • Networking capability
  • Easy access and export of GT data
  • Non-dependence on OEM spares (Speedtronic cards)
  • Buy-back of existing control systems option (e.g. Mk I – Mk IV)